Roles and Responsibilities of MOTDRA Officers

Our club relies on dedicated members who are willing to devote their time and effort to improve MOTDRA. We have a unique organization which promotes distance riding and allows us to enjoy the challenges of that sport in a friendly atmosphere. Often club members have good ideas about how they would like to change or improve our organization, but don’t know when and where they can express their ideas. Now is the time to step up and be counted by agreeing to run or nominating a member with similar ideas for one of these positions. Our club needs your active participation.

As chief executive officer her/his duties include presiding over the annual meeting and any meetings of the board members. She/He enforces the bylaw rules and regulations but only votes in case of a tie. The president works with other officers and board members for the betterment of the club by promoting new rides and increasing membership. In case an office is vacated before the annual meeting, the president will appoint a new officer to that position. In addition, the president sets up necessary meetings with the board members to discuss and nominate committees, including educational programs for ride managers, especially for first time ride managers. The president also keeps a current list of members and sends it out to ride managers before their ride. The president reviews finances with the treasurer.

The vice-president assists the president with his/her duties. In the absence of the president, the vice-president has all the powers and performs all the duties of the president. He/she maintains the ride supplies for the club such as time cards, vet score sheets, placing ribbons, etc., and maintains the batteries for the heart rate monitors.

The secretary has several duties in addition to recording minutes of all meetings and writing up those minutes for membership review in the newsletter. Many of the duties are to the members directly. The secretary sends out a welcome letter and a copy of the handbook to all new members and also sends out club information and a copy of the newsletter to interested persons in order to promote the club. He/she e-mails members with ride reminders and updated information as necessary. The secretary also keeps an updated list of members and is responsible for keeping the newsletter editor informed with addresses and e-mails of new members. The secretary retypes changes made to the bylaws and general rules that have been approved by the club and sends the members a copy of the new changed rules. In addition, he/she is custodian of all records and documents of the club and files (or has a designated person file) the incorporation documents for the club. Finally the secretary pays the insurance for the club.

The treasurer collects all the monies due to association and disburses all monies owed by the club, but disbursements are only in payment of itemized demands after the approval of the board of directors. The treasurer presents an itemized statement for all monies received and disbursed at the annual meeting of the board and upon demand.

The points secretary is in charge of documents, records and correspondence pertaining to the awards programs and is responsible for acquiring and presenting these awards at the annual meeting. He/she totals the end of the year miles and points for the annual awards and works with the web master to place updated points and miles on line. The points secretary also works with other horse organizations such as the Arabian Horse Association for award recognitions for club members and their horses.

Board members meet with the above officers to manage the property, funds and affairs of the organization. The board of directors has the power to make changes to the rules and regulations for the welfare of the club and the safety of its members. These rule changes are brought before the entire membership for a vote except in case of an emergency.